Measurement Framework

Support Informa in both forecasting and measuring performance of new initiatives

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Project Timeline


Increased in ROI revenue

Measurement Framework

Project Overview

Loop Horizon were engaged based on their proven expertise in measuring, optimising and elevating marketing effectiveness to support Informa in both forecasting and measuring performance of new initiatives using the enhanced capability of their transformation programme – and crucially, translating this into short and long term commercial benefit, in turn proving the return on investment and effort in embedding transformative ways of working.

Project Execution

Create a standardised and scalable, programme-wide approach to:

  • Size and forecast the potential of new activation and experimentation ideas – ensuring effort is focused and aligned to the most valuable opportunities
  • Track and measure immediate performance of experiments and activations
  • Translate into commercial benefit - $ revenue generated
  • Extrapolate long term value of roll out within an “always on” strategy
  • Support and scale across multiple business units
  • Empower business units to adopt a new data and capability enabled way of working


Loop Horizon implemented an easy to follow 4-step framework  for sizing and proving the commercial value of omnichannel marketing campaigns. Through this Informa have a standardised and centralised approach (including templates) to quickly and easily answer the following questions:

  • How successful was my campaign in driving my immediate KPI?
  • How much revenue has this driven?
  • If I was to roll this out, what would be the long-term commercial benefit?

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