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Building a GA4 data framework for a global food & beverage company ​

Global Food & Beverage Company
Food & Beverage
GA4 Migration

Client Situation

Our client has a wide range of teams managing hundreds of websites across multiple markets / territories, with highly varied use cases and maturity levels​

They are moving away from a reliance on third-party cookies to a blended marketing approach which increasingly utilises first-party data​

As such, they want to be able to utilise their digital data (GA4) to augment their customer data

Loop Contribution

Gathered requirements from 10 largest territories marketing teams, and combined with requirements and delivery timings from the client’s strategic data project ​

Conducted a technical audit of the client’s GTM and GA4 implementations across a representative selection of sites and territories​

Developed a global underpinning framework for digital data collection via GA4, culminating in a data dictionary covering basic values that every site should gather, additional values that sites providing unique functions can expand their data collection to utilise in a consistent way, and defining a global configuration for GA4

Client Results

Global data framework aligned to business objectives and KPIs​

Global GA4 configuration in place​

Scaling playbook for ongoing deployment across hundreds of sites


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