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CDP Strategy and planning for a global theme park and tourist attraction company ​

Global Theme Park

Client Situation

A global theme park and tourist attraction company was committed to a major digital transformation. ​

They were looking to deploy a CDP (Customer Data Platform) at the heart of the transformation but were growing concerned at the timelines and feasibility of an increasingly complex delivery programme

Loop Contribution

Loop Horizon ran an extensive review of the programme covering data, technology and business use cases, and subsequently working with internal teams to redesign the solution, delivery phasing and operational support requirements.​

We also engaged with the selected CDP vendor to build out low level capabilities and integrations, validate what was current vs roadmap capability and supporting procurement negotiations

Client Results

The programme delivery confidence was transformed and the client avoided significant costs and delays from prematurely starting CDP deployment with bad quality customer data​

We were able to redesign the programme delivery to still meet the original timelines and costs

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