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Global CDP Roll-out Team Roles & Responsibilities Definition For ​A Global Leader In Family Entertainment​

Family Entertainment

Client Situation

The client is implementing a new CDP across 140+ sites to transition their Marketing activation to multi-step, multi-touch journeys, focused on connected 1st Party audiences.​

They tasked Loop Horizon to design CDP activation & post-CDP team structures across Marketing, Digital & Data, as well as to define roles & responsibilities.

Loop Contribution

Loop Horizon completed a comprehensive audit & stakeholder interviews to understand current organisational structures & ways of working, as well as future resource & skillset requirements.​

Loop Horizon delivered proposed org. structures, role definitions and scope for the initial roll out, as well as for embedding new ways of working into the company’s BAU activities.

Client Results

Marketing & Digital Directors were able to see a clear articulation of team structures and resource required – both, Globally and at a regional level.​

Loop further identified key roles for CDP interface in the existing Teams  - ensuring CDP adoption and creating a baseline for training & up-skilling.​

Resource allocation between FTE & Contract roles, as well as transition to BAU planning allowed for a close budget management.​

The client were able to provide operational budget detail & resource plans, required to secure board investment & to begin the recruitment process.


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