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Marketing transformation for a leading UK Travel & Insurance Provider’s​ Marketing Analytics

UK Travel & Insurance Provider
Content Strategy Channel Optimisation

Client Situation

Our client was seeking board-level permission for a significant marketing transformation plan. ​

They needed to justify board level investment through demonstrating the benefits of improved data driven Marketing​.

The ultimate goal was to deliver a positive increase in revenue across key business areas.

Loop Contribution

Loop Horizon designed suitable pilot use cases to validate the improved data-driven strategy. ​

Campaigns were developed across numerous business divisions, involving a wide range of customer journeys and channels. ​

Loop Horizon supported the end-to-end journey from use case validation, data, build, activation and test and measurement, as well as embedding future ways of working within their teams.

Client Results

+90% of the pilot campaigns showed a positive uplift in results, had the potential to scale, and across the pilots, had the potential to generate +£1m in quarterly income when scaled. ​

Through the successful pilot programme, the client was able to unlock future investment to transform the business through data-driven marketing at scale.


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