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CRM transformation for a global petrochemicals company​

Global petrochemicals company

Client Situation

Our client, a global petrochemicals company, was harmonising its CRM tooling across its non-B2C business units. They had identified a preferred tool and required validation of that choice and support in designing the architecture, data model, and operating model alongside ongoing Product Owner support. Local business units also needed support in understanding how the migration would impact them and they would be able to maximise the benefit from the new capability​

Loop Contribution

Validation that proposed CRM tool would be able to meet global and local business unit requirements for majority of BUs​.

Develop parallel option for selected markets where requirements were more B2B focused​.

Design global data model to supersede homogenous local data models​.

Playbooks for tool adoption for local marketing teams, including operating model design with responsibilities split between global and local teams​.

Product owner support through detailed design and implementation set up phase, guiding and directing internal and vendor delivery teams.

Client Results

The client was able to move forward confidently at both Group and Business Unit level with the new CRM tool selection and roll-out​.


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