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Attribution model building to transform a leading UK Travel & Insurance Provider’s​ Marketing Analytics

Travel & Insurance Provider

Client Situation

Our client were unable to effectively analyse and measure the performance and ROI of their multi-channel marketing campaigns.​

They needed a robust, scalable attribution model to offer actionable granular insights for more effective decision-making.

Loop Contribution

Conducted a comprehensive audit of clients current marketing technology stack and setup across all product departments to identify gaps and areas for improvement.​

Standardised measurement metrics across all marketing activities, enabling stakeholders to benchmark performance accurately​

Ensured all marketing and conversion data was centralised and validated to ensure accurate attribution​

Designed and optimised an attribution dashboard featured a centralised data view, guided by commercial KPIs ​

Held cross-functional training for internal teams, providing them accessibility the new tool and empowering them to better understand their individual campaign ROI

Client Results

Smooth transition to an accurate and reliable marketing attribution model – providing accessible benchmarking and performance comparison​

Unlocked a deeper level of analysis across marketing campaigns – driving effective optimisation and actionable insight​

Cross-functional teams feeling empowered through a better understanding of campaign effectiveness​

Marketing campaigns optimised, with a granular view of high performing or underperforming campaigns for more effective budget allocation and performance planning


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