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Adobe & Salesforce migration for a multinational retailer’s E-commerce platform​

Multinational Retailer

Client Situation

Following COVID, a large multinational retailer was seeking to transform its customer experience to become full omnichannel - connecting digital and in-store experiences seamlessly, including online access to in-store staff for advice. This included migration to a new cloud-based E-commerce platform (SalesForce)​

This would unlock significant competitive advantage, driving sustained performance growth and increase customer satisfaction

Loop Contribution

Loop Horizon deployed a specialised group of consultants to design and deploy a completely new digital data layer and tag management setup (Adobe)​

Managed their end-to-end digital data collection​

Defined a build and test approach to maximise performance - including a working data layer schema and validation mechanism​

Designed an implementation mechanism to maximise ongoing efficiency and make future implementation easy

Client Results

Optimised digital data collection across the entire new estate, balancing page load with richness of digital data​

Seamless integrations with multiple platforms throughout the omnichannel experience​

Business continuity as the experiences rolled out across multiple channels​

Loop Horizon continues to support the client, now across an expanded set of engagements​


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