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ID Resolution for a large UK insurance & travel provider​

Insurance & Travel Provider

Client Situation

Large UK insurance provider had launched a new media site to engage prospects and customers in lifestyle content to drive brand affinity and improve customer data and understanding. ​

The new site had been set up on a different top-level domain and primarily used GA4 for digital data collection (vs Adobe Analytics for the main site digital data collection).​

The client was experiencing challenges in joining digital data with its core customer data.

Loop Contribution

Following a short diagnostic Loop Horizon identified a series of configuration issues, which were rapidly deployed in conjunction with the internal developer team to address the core issue​

Deployment of Adobe Analytics core site tag on the Media site​

Fix of the configuration of the collection of the CRM identifier in the Adobe Analytics implementation​

Driving compliance of customer identifiers being included in email newsletter links​

Design of solution to process historic GA4 data (which did include some customer identifiers) and connect into the core data set​

Define roadmap of incremental improvements to feed into BAU maintenance delivery

Client Results

Identification of visitors increased from 4% to >70%​

Historic data made available in Single Customer View for Marketing activation in targeted campaigns and core site personalisation


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