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Unlocking the 1st Party Data in a composable environment

Travel & Insurance Provider
1st Party Data

Client Situation

One of the largest and most successful travel and insurance firms in the UK recognised a £400 million opportunity to leverage data-driven marketing to increase Lifetime Value throughout their Group by prolonging client retention, increasing the number of active buyers, and increasing products per customer. ​

They needed assistance in unifying their data, segmenting and orchestrating communication, and enacting a radical change in strategy.

Loop Contribution

Built new LTV & NBA models via utilisation of  Data Engineering & Data Science enabling the SCV to be made actionable and enriched with digital data signals.​

Designed and supported the build of data & modelling solutions alongside connections from central SCV out to marketing endpoints.​

Defined and built out phased delivery plan from MVP into fully owned and operated scale solution driving all the clients  Marketing​

Supported multiple Marketing teams in understanding the new capabilities, provision of frameworks and support to identify initial activations through to go-live.​

Carried out a senior stakeholder management, educating Exec teams in scale of the opportunity, what it requires for success and likely timelines for value realisation.

Client Results

Enabled SCV to be actionable through enriching with digital intent signals and LTV and NBA models.​

Training of the Executive team to  understand the opportunities to use data to drive performance utilising LTV and NBA strategies​

Prototype Recommendation Service in place​

Established interconnections between the actionable SCV and marketing execution channels (EM, Web & Paid Media)​

Delivery of 15 initial data-driven, customer centric marketing campaigns taking advantage of the new capabilities driving £1m incremental value within 3 months of launch​

Extensive documentation (in confluence or similar) and handover to the clients operations teams.


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