Key learnings from a decade of data & digital transformations

How to elevate good intentions into a great programme

Key learnings from a decade of data & digital transformations
Written by
James Alexander
Published on
June 7, 2024
Digital or data transformations are complex. Based on our experience supporting dozens of brands navigate these challenging waters, we’ve created a 10-point checklist that helps elevate good intentions into a great programme:

1.    You have senior organisational buy-in, you know which teams are involved and they are committed to the programme’s success.

2.    You have a clear "North Star" or overarching goal for the transformation.

3.    You have established realistic expectations for benefits, timelines, and costs.

4.    You have a clear governance structure to track progress and cross-programme dependencies.

5.    You have a thorough and candid understanding of your current capabilities (technology, people, process) and gaps.

6.    Your internal resources are identified and committed, and not just side-of-desk support.

7.    You have significant committed but unallocated CAPEX & OPEX contingency in place.

8.    Foundational elements are prioritised for early delivery (e.g., identity resolution, data quality & readiness).

9.    Sales & Marketing are leading use case definition & prioritisation; Product, CX and Insight teams are leading on the art of the possible.

10.  You have customer-centric operational processes & capabilities in place (e.g., actionable customer segmentation; customer-centric performance measurement).

If you can answer yes to 8 or more of these, you are well positioned for success. If you can't, read our white paper to understand in more detail why these are critical aspects of a successful digital or data transformation and what you can do to address them.

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