James Alexander

James Alexander


Working with clients and the Loop teams to make sure our work and the client's results are as good as possible


James Alexander

James is one of Loop Horizon's co-founders. He's passionate about helping companies design the right plan for connecting and using data and technology; and then making that plan a reality.

James has established a unique understanding of how data, technology, people & processes need to come together to deliver real and significant benefit from data-driven marketing.

James established and led the Decisioning task force at Sky – combining data engineering & science teams with technology delivery teams to drive the adoption of data-driven marketing and service throughout the business – developing extensive best practice in both programme delivery and executive coaching to understand the benefits of data driven strategies in practice.


What is your favourite book?

The Dice Man

What is your favourite Hobby?

Pretending I'm as good at golf when I was younger

What is your favourite movie?


What or who is your favourite song or artist?

Faithless - Insomnia