Our Approach

Many businesses have a disconnect between what they know, and what they do and say to customers - Loop Horizon exists to draw a direct line between customer intelligence and experience

We are the experienced guides for your business, leveraging your people, technology and data assets to drive meaningful change and value generation. Our approach has us working alongside your teams to define and deliver on the promise of data and technology for business performance and customer experience.

Define a clear vision and provide a strategic plan to embrace customer-centric marketing

We provide strategic guidance by: ​

  • Working closely with the client to understand their objectives and needs​

  • Defining what's possible to give the client a compelling and realistic vision for customer-centricity

Guide the configuration and development of client technology to support client’s business objectives

We support capability development by: ​

  • Supporting build of scalable technology solution to deliver direct benefit to the business​

  • Configuring data platforms and technology systems for enhanced performance and activation in line with strategy​

  • Providing recommendations to address gaps for future ​

  • Upskilling data and technology teams, incorporating best practice and self-management

Supporting execution through enhanced processes, upskilled people and efficiently structured teams to realise value

We mobilise organisations by: ​

  • Generating confidence, momentum and alignment across the business​

  • Embedding a proactive approach for teams to identify and execute marketing opportunities​

  • Configuring measurement and optimisation methodologies to understand and improve performance​

  • Designing teams around strategic objectives and transitioning to automated tactical processes

Loop Horizon

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