Campaign management expert Susie McLaughlin shares her perspectives

We sat down with Susie McLaughlin who recently joined Loop Horizon as a Campaign Management Consultant to ask how she is finding the shift from working client-side and what Loop Horizon is like from the inside.

Susie, welcome on-board! It’s been over two months, how are you finding it?

I’m excited to be entering my third month with Loop Horizon. The variety of work, both in terms of clients and business objectives, is great.

Whilst Loop Horizon works for major brands there is a clear start-up culture which I very much enjoy, with opportunities to get involved in the business from many angles.

Can you share what you were doing prior to joining us at Loop Horizon?

I headed a campaign management function for TotalJobs, the online-recruitment organisation, it was fundamentally a technology company and gave me an insight into a fast-paced, high-growth environment. From developing campaigns and being very hands-on with all aspects of digital campaigns including personalisation, segmentation and targeting, to setting up new ESPs (email service providers).

Previous to TotalJobs I ran marketing campaigns at a private jet/aviation broker where I deployed a mix of marketing strategies to support sales, operations and brand. I was involved with marketing strategy, both on a local level and globally which gave me great exposure to large scale multi-channel campaigns.

How did you find the adjustment from fast paced corporate role to an even faster pace consulting role?

Although a different pace, coming from client-side and as an actual practitioner, I can empathise with a lot of the requirements and environments which Loop Horizon’s clients have. Understanding how organisations, large and small, operate and ‘get-stuff-done’ is key and I think my practical background helps map out how strategies can move from vision and planning to execution. It’s great to share my thoughts on how things which we may be proposing can be implemented and run from a day-to-day perspective.

I feel lucky to have built up broad experience and knowledge of the latest marketing technologies via my roles to date and I’m enjoying ensuring that I’m up to date in the latest developments to help our clients, as well as my personal growth.

You are already hands-on involved in some projects. Can you tell us about these and how it’s all going?

I was immediately keen to get involved on the various client teams at Loop Horizon and to start contributing to their work. My first engagement has been with a global oil & gas company, launching a new approach to campaign management and implementing a cutting-edge ESP.

We have been replacing a local solution with a cross-organisational solution (Adobe Campaign Standard) that enables the organisation to adhere to brand standards, work smarter and allows new business units to adopt email marketing in a way which enables them to effectively and efficiently pursue business objectives.

More recently I’ve been engaged on work with a major publishing brand where they are creating a marketing and CRM programme which bridges marketing and sales functions more effectively. The team have also consulted with work they are pursuing in both the insurance and travel verticals which has been very interesting. As I mentioned earlier, the variety of client work is fantastic.

How does this compare to client-side?

It’s great to be able to offer knowledge alongside an outside perspective. When in-house you often don’t get the chance to take a much needed step back and assess what you’re doing, clarify certain elements of a project and liaise with different departments to get something done. I think this is where consulting really comes into its own and we can tie these elements together. We’re in a great position to see the full picture and liaise with various departments across businesses.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time client-side, however I’ve been keen to go into consulting to build up my exposure of different organisations, verticals and methods which I already feel I’m doing!

What about working with your fellow consultants?

The other consultants have a broad range of professional backgrounds and have all joined Loop Horizon with a great deal of knowledge and differing skill sets. It’s a very dynamic team and it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off one another and work together on different projects, pooling our specialisms together.

The team is made up of an exceptional group of talents, as well as the opportunity to work with them on client work, I can also see how I will continue to develop my skills and experience.

And the future, what do you see for Loop Horizon, it’s clients and yourself?

For me, Loop Horizon is a really exciting place to be right now. I’m looking forward to continuing to apply my campaign management experience but also grow as a consultant. There is a lot of exciting client work and a growing team of Loop Horizon experts to deliver against them.

Thanks for sharing your initial experiences and we look forward to catching up through the year to see how things develop