GA4 – The Pros & Cons

We sat down with Matt Bentley and Rob McLaughlin to discuss their views on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) adoption and what it could mean for businesses going forward. Both Matt & Rob had some very strong points to make on why GA4 should be understood as an opportunity rather than a challenge, in fact they see it as something of a coming of age for digital analytics in general.

As discussed previously, GA4 offers an amazing opportunity for organisations to step up their analytics maturity and this is an exciting time to consider the pros and cons of adoption. Knowledge is power in everything we do so, we have a list of the main talking points regarding the switch to GA4 and why we are so excited about this new and improved technology.

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SPOILER ALERT: Overall, the PROS definitively outweigh the CONS, GA4 is a huge step forward

Rob McLaughlin


GA4 provides a new interface, designed from the ground up. By taking things back to the bare bones you have the choice to either utilise this new interface and adapt the new layout OR use an alternative interface that appeals directly to yourself and that you find helpful to use. You can extract the data and send it directly into an interface such as DataStudio or PowerBI that is more compatible with your business. You can leverage Google Analytics 4 as a way to tidy up your data collection and optimise your setup. The ability to send the data through Big Query can be accessed via an interface.  

GA4 provides a new interface, designed from the ground up

Matt Bentley


Some people do not like the new interface and the way it has changed. Learning the way GA4 works and being able to navigate it with confidence for the information they are requiring is going to be key. The loss of historical data is another complaint as data from previous years will no longer be available, the ability to compare year on year data will not be available until you have a GA4 account for over a year.  

However, with time being considered it is important to remember that Google Analytics 4 was created with long term use in mind and the time spent learning it now will be worth it in the long run. 

The loss of historical data is another complaint as data from previous years will no longer be available

Matt Bentley


Google Analytics 4 takes digital analytics from a vanity metric generator to a genuine operational tool for business. GA4 has a working partnership with Big Query so they can directly transfer data through the pipeline into a chosen cloud system making it accessible to all, as well as having all the newly collected data now sitting side by side with all your other data. GA4 is growing the business potential of digital analytics – a move away from basic digital analytics and move towards customer analytics, using this data  is now a powerful way to know your customers deeper. 

Google Analytics 4 takes digital analytics from a vanity metric generator to a genuine operational tool for business

Rob McLaughlin


GA4 has been referred to as difficult to implement. The data model changes have been causing people difficulties, getting used to the changes in the data collected. The new data model fits the modern web and its progression bringing GA4 forward to be consistent with all data models across channels, helping to improve all enterprise databases. GA4 applies to every platform and to every interaction that a business will have with its customer; registering all the collected data along the customer journey. GA4 gives its users the ability to access unsampled data free of charge which has not always accessible to everyone in the past whereas now everyone has the chance to access it. 

The new data model fits the modern web and its progression bringing GA4 forward to be consistent with all data models across channels

Matt Bentley


GA4 is digital analytics reimagined for the 21st century. Google has recognised where the modern internet is headed and has adapted the way it works. The new way of working has privacy at the centre. With GA4 you are able to gain better insight into your customers with it’s the ability to better leverage machine learning. A big part of the new system is the ability to better use prediction abilities rather than relying on basic data analysis.  

GA4 is digital analytics reimagined for the 21st century

Rob McLaughlin


Cardinality – a big issue with Google Analytics is the ability to pass custom data, customer ID for one. This causes issues for many businesses, but Big Query can eliminate this issue. So, it is not even that big of a ‘con,’ more of a slight annoyance than anything but it is easily fixable.  

Overall, the PROS definitively outweigh the CONS, GA4 is a huge step forward. Our recommendation to all  is to start the adoption process as soon as possible and start gaining that vital customer data sooner rather than later, guaranteeing that you are ahead of the game when Google stops collecting data on the previous platforms.  


Matt Bentley, Head of Data Architecture & Digital Analytics 

Loop’s data and digital analytics expert, with over ten years’ experience working in marketing and technology teams across a number of businesses 

Before joining Loop Horizon, Matt’s experience was client-side; in financial services and the media and entertainment industry 

Having managed centralised analytics and data collection functions, he’s worked across numerous verticals covering both business and technology teams, giving him the tools to tailor communication effectively on both a strategic and technical level 

Matt specialises in data collection strategy, tag management, data layers, analytics tool configuration, reporting and analysis, bringing business stakeholders and development teams closer together in order to better connect data to business performance 

Rob McLaughlin, Co-Founder 

An experienced digital marketing professional and a proven leader in the field of data & analytics with a track record of bringing customer data into the complex marketing and technology landscape. 

A combination of visionary and pragmatist, Rob’s expertise in strategic planning, data-driven transformation and marketing technology vision creates solutions which blend established business processes with bleeding edge techniques. 

Having worked both as a consultant and in-house he has in depth knowledge of how businesses from multiple verticals can leverage data to power efficiency and growth. 

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Loop Horizon Further Strengthens Omnichannel Health Practice

In response to the continued growth in demand for omnichannel transformation from pharmaceutical, life sciences & medical technology sectors Loop Horizon Health has further strengthened it’s bench with the appointment of Sule Hogburn as Digital Product Director.

Sule possesses over 20 years of experience in various commercial and technical roles with a great passion for product management and omnichannel strategy. She brings over 6 years of experience at GSK where she most recently led product management for HCP portals (commercial and medical) as well as CIAM globally.

Sule commented, “I am very excited to be a part of the Loop Horizon story! I believe that driving innovation, investing in my company and delivering solutions to improve end users life is the key to a fulfilling and enjoyable work life. I am thrilled to be able to grow and expand my product management skills working in a great company along with many super talents.”

Managing Director of Loop Horizon Health, Rich Grosskettler commented, “We are so pleased that Sule has decided to join Loop Horizon Health during this pivotal time of growth. Her experience from various roles within large commercial pharma organisations bring vital experience to our clients. She has tremendous empathy for customers and a passion for continuous discovery which I know will resonate with our clients in building best in class customer-centric omnichannel solutions.”

To learn more about Loop Horizon, how we help brands and career opportunities please contact

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Loop Horizon Health further strengthens leadership team

Phoebos (Foivos) Stergiou joins at the start of 2022 off the back of several significant client wins for Loop Horizon Health.

A Global Life Sciences Product leader with experience across Geographies (US, Europe and rest of world) and Therapy Areas, Phoebos joins from GSK where led Product Managment for Digital and Omnichannel technologies that enable Sales, Marketing and Medical teams to better engage with customers virtually and face-to-face. After successfully delivering a major CRM transformation, he led digital product teams by setting strategy and vision with a focus on innovation and commercial success. He has a track record in achieving significant product outcomes by understanding customer needs, aligning across functions and working with agile teams to optimise feature delivery.

Rob McLaughlin, co-founder of Loop Horizon stated, “With our pharma clients increasingly seeking Loop Horizon Health’s guidance and leadership in how they engage HCPs & patients, now is the perfect time for us to be broadening our capabilities. We continue to be the ‘go-to’ practice for delivering omnichannel transformation at scale for Global Life Science organisations, Phoebos joins us within an exciting growth phase with existing and prospective clients excited to have him engaged in their businesses”.

Phoebos commented,” I’m thrilled to be joining a team with such breadth of real-world expertise. Especially because I believe there is a huge opportunity across the life sciences industry to connect omnichannel strategy with activities in the field and to deliver a more connected customer experience. We can help clients develop and execute a pragmatic Digital Strategy that translates to commercial success. This is clearly an exciting time to be joining the Loop Horizon Health leadership team”.

To learn more about Loop Horizon, how we help brands and career opportunities please contact

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Whitepaper: 1st Party Customer data for Advertising

With the tectonic shifts in privacy, regulation and technology Loop Horizon often finds itself in conversation with organisations which are looking to progressively navigate the changes happening across the digital advertising landscape. Loop Horizon co-founder Rob McLaughlin caught up with our Head of Marketing & Adoption Rachel Fox to review how we got here and where organisations need set their direction in order to maintain and advance addressability in digital advertising.

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    Loop Horizon Strengthens U.S. Presence With Senior Hire

    Building on strong growth throughout the year Loop Horizon have further strengthened their U.S. presence with the hire of Carla Sheppard as Head of CX Product Management.

    Carla joins us with over 10 years of experience in the tech healthcare industry with vast experience in the Global Pharmaceutical and the US Payer industries. Carla’s Product Management expertise spans across numerous digital channels, such as: Virtual Meetings, CRM, Social Media, Paid Media, Messaging Apps, between others. Previous to her client-side experience, Carla worked for the tech Management Consulting Firm Accenture, leading large tech transformations across the healthcare industry.

    About her move Carla says “We are living in the fastest Digital Transformation we have ever seen, and data is at the centre of this. Joining Loop Horizon is a front seat to help our clients achieve this transformation. In this new role, not only will I be able to help our clients define a business-driven approach to digital transformation, but to also shape and grow the US Loop Horizon office.”

    Rich Grosskettler, VP Loop Horizon U.S., commented, “I am absolutely thrilled to have Carla Sheppard joining Loop Horizon U.S. as a foundational member of the team. Her deep healthcare omni channel expertise will be an asset to our clients and her consulting background will further fuel Loop Horizon’s rapid growth.”

    To learn more about Loop Horizon, how we help brands and career opportunities please contact

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