Whitepaper: 1st Party Customer data for Advertising

With the tectonic shifts in privacy, regulation and technology Loop Horizon often finds itself in conversation with organisations which are looking to progressively navigate the changes happening across the digital advertising landscape. Loop Horizon co-founder Rob McLaughlin caught up with our Head of Marketing & Adoption Rachel Fox to review how we got here and where organisations need set their direction in order to maintain and advance addressability in digital advertising.

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    Remember Me

    Have we met before? Let’s say we have.

    Imagine I didn’t acknowledge that we had met before, it seemed as if I didn’t remember you and you had to introduce yourself from scratch. I expect that you would find me somewhat frustrating.

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    Why bother collecting clickstream data?

    Why bother collecting clickstream data? Good question.

    To answer a question with another question: What are you going to do with it?

    “I’m going to store it in a big database, I’m going to collate it up and make metrics out of it etc.” Not nearly good enough.

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