Loop Horizon Welcomes Vincent Haywood

Loop Horizon Welcomes Vincent Haywood

Vincent brings extensive experience from client & consultancy side working to drive marketing performance.

It's fantastic to have Vincent onboard as part of our growing Marketing Consultants team. He brings extensive experience from client and consultancy side working with big brands to drive marketing performance and real digital change. He's raring to go and I'm excited to see him help our clients strategically and practically.

I'm very excited to join the loop team. In the short time I’ve been here I have had the opportunity to see incredible skills and expertise in action. The team are so welcoming, collaborative and great to work with. After spending over 25 years across agencies and brands digital marketing efforts I am excited to bring my skill set to share and learn with the loop team and help our clients excel at their targets.
Loop Horizon Welcomes Vincent Haywood

Leading the Marketing consultancy vertical and Delivery function. Ensuring effective high quality delivery to our clients through Marketing led, Technology and Health supporting engagements.

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