Rosie Bahra joins Loop Horizon

We sat down with consultant Rosie Bahra to ask about her journey to this point in her career, what she is excited about next and why she joined Loop Horizon when she did. Building a practitioner oriented consulting team has always been a priority at Loop Horizon and it is great to share more about Rosie and how she is already driving positive change with clients.

Why did you choose to join Loop Horizon?

Working at Loop Horizon provides excellent opportunities to build on my existing knowledge and expand my skills and experience into new areas.  I’ve previously worked in-house for an online gaming company, so I was excited to get to work with brands in other industries that face different challenges.  There’s a wide variety of clients with different ambitions so I’m rapidly learning about client’s needs and how best to deliver to expectation.  There are several more clients and engagements in the pipeline too so the company is clearly in growth stage which further reassured me it was a great time to join.

Loop Horizon specialises in empowering clients to make use of their first party data to enhance and optimise their marketing strategy. Having previously worked client side and worried about the upcoming changes to privacy and imminent demise of cookie tracking it was clear to me that Loop Horizon are committed to creating innovative solutions to problems of empirical importance to marketers right now.  Although there’s still uncertainty around what the future holds for tracking and marketing, the Loop team are incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and remain up to date to ensure they can be at the forefront of solution design.

Can you tell us about how your experience at Gamesys will be valuable to Loop Horizon’s clients?

I can already appreciate how this experience helps me to empathise with clients.  Changes in priorities, back logs and technical debt are challenges every business faces and it’s refreshing to be part of a team that supports businesses with identifying and leveraging opportunities for growth and efficiency.

I started at Gamesys as a Marketing Analyst, specialising in performance marketing, optimising campaigns to maximise ROI.  Over the years I progressed to managing part of the display and paid social marketing team, overseeing ~£18m a year in marketing spend across leading UK gambling brands such as Virgin Games and Jackpotjoy as well as the launch of emerging brands like Rainbow Riches Casino and MEGAWAYS Casino.  As our budgets grew we became involved in online brand marketing strategies and I became focused on multi touch attribution and understanding the true value of different elements of the marketing mix.  One of my most successful projects involved collaborating with the team at Google to design and launch EMEA’s first display Geo-Experiment.  This was an incremental lift study to understand the true value of programmatic display advertising beyond what was observed on a last click basis.  This gave us the confidence to invest more in programmatic platforms and adjust our internal KPIs, safe in the knowledge that the investment was worthwhile.

A/B testing and continually striving for further efficiencies and improvements was core to our team’s values.  To drive success, visibility on KPIs relative to campaign details is imperative.  The project I’m most proud of is a collaboration with the data team, to unify our data across multiple digital channels, whilst also additionally enhancing our reporting to a more granular level and improving our view of the customer.

What have your first impressions of the Loop Horizon team been?

Everyone is so knowledgeable!  Different projects require different expertise so I feel like we’re constantly learning from, and supporting one another.  Having worked at Gamesys for 8 years, the prospect of getting to know an entirely new team amidst a pandemic was quite daunting.  In the lead up to joining Loop I had introductory calls with the team and everyone was so friendly and welcoming any apprehensions swiftly disappeared.

How is the office/home hybrid ‘new-normal’ working for you?

To my surprise, I am really enjoying hybrid working.  After 16 months of consistently working from home I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being back in an office but coming in 1-2 times a week has been really useful.  As a new joiner it’s really helpful to spend time getting to know the rest of the team and take part in off the cuff conversations about different areas of work.  I’ve always thought a lot can be learned simply from being around others and observing so I’m glad I’ve been able to take the hybrid approach from week one.  It also makes me appreciate my days from home more as it feels like a treat not to commute again!

What are you expecting from the coming months at Loop Horizon?

I’m looking forward to getting to know our clients better and supporting them with meeting their goals.  There’s a mix of technical delivery and marketing strategy support across my projects at the minute which is great as they move at different paces and require collaboration with various teams.  I’m learning a lot already and given the current growth of both the team and the client list I’m expecting further exciting new projects and challenges.

To learn more about Loop Horizon, how we help brands and career opportunities please contact

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