The Future of Targeted Advertising & AUDIENCES by Loop Horizon

Scheduled for: 12pm GMT 26th February, 2021

The 3rd party cookies which have supported targeted advertising are disappearing, how will marketers react and what is the solution? 1st party data holds a major source of alternative value and has long been heralded as the great hope. Hear how some of the UK's leading insurers, telcos and utilities are accelerating their response and realising the value of 1st party data-driven advertising.

Loop Horizon enables brands to unlock the value of this 1st party data in a compliant, low latency and and efficient manner, leveraging the native benefits of cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, Azure or Snowflake to connect customer audiences to advertising & marketing platforms. Having led the data & digital transformation at Sky Rob McLaughlin & James Alexander co-founded Loop Horizon and now support the world's biggest brands in driving value from cloud data for advertising & marketing benefit.

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