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The Top 10 Watch-Outs for Successful Marketing Transformation 

There are some obvious components including Technology, Customer Data Strategy and Marketing Use Case Development, but it takes more than that to transform successfully in practice.

In this webinar we will cover our Top 10 Watch-outs plus a Q&A session with our experts.
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What We Will Cover

Embarking on a Marketing Transformation?

Topics Include:

Value Beyond Revenue

While revenue growth will often be your number one objective, make sure to not overlook the additional value gains available from cost-saving through efficiency.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Everyone knows that results are important but don’t leave it til the end. Often the appropriate data or dashboarding isn’t available, or there isn’t agreement on which KPIs and sub-metrics will demonstrate. A simple framework set up front can resolve this.

Secure Senior Alignment and Realistic Expectations

Set realistic expectations and foster senior-level alignment to ensure a smooth and steady journey towards your end goal.

Plus 7 more critical things to watch-out for during your Marketing Transformation!

Meet the Experts

Join our experts for a discussion and Q&A on the key watch-outs
for a success marketing transformation
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