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Loop Horizon is a consultancy focused on guiding brands to super-charge customer experiences through a better combination of data & intelligence, marketing technology and people. Loop bring a fresh perspective and confidence to challenges commonly faced by clients, helping unlock opportunities with minimal intervention and maximum impact. We are passionate about upskilling your teams so they can deliver on future opportunities directly.

Loop Horizon was founded by Rob McLaughlin and James Alexander. Prior to Loop, they ran the highly successful Decisioning programme at Sky in the UK, and multiple clients have already benefited from their guidance and experience in delivering pragmatic high value solutions.  

Rob McLaughlin


An experienced digital marketing professional and a proven leader in the field of data & analytics with a track record of bringing customer data into the complex marketing and technology landscape.

A combination of visionary and pragmatist, Rob’s expertise in strategic planning, data-driven transformation and marketing technology vision creates solutions which blend established business processes with bleeding edge techniques.

Having worked both as a consultant and in-house he has in depth knowledge of how businesses from multiple verticals can leverage data to power efficiency and growth.

James Alexander


Through leadership across strategy, commercial, technology and data engineering and science teams, James has established a unique understanding of how data, technology, people & processes need to come together to deliver real and significant benefit from data-driven marketing.

James established and led the Decisioning task force at Sky - combining data engineering & science teams with technology delivery teams to drive the adoption of data-driven marketing and service throughout the business - developing extensive best practice in both programme delivery and executive coaching to understand the benefits of data driven strategies in practice.

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