Rakshitha Ganapathi

Rakshitha Ganapathi

Data Engineer

Developing ETL program for supporting data extraction and transformation. Acquainted in creating data pipelines, databases and data warehouses.


Rakshitha Ganapathi


What is your favourite book?

Mahabharatha -The Indian Mythology.

What is your favourite Hobby?

I like to groove to music, and Yoga with it. ( To curb the large intake of calories from all the junk food, haha!)

What is your favourite movie?

Why finish the fun in just a Movie, I prefer TV series And its FRIENDS BIG BANG THEORY SEINFELD (I am one of the exploited customer of Netflix, Lol!)

What or who is your favourite song or artist?

Bollywood fan English preference is Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and JB Favourite tune now: I Want it that way