Chris Field

Chris Field

Managing Director, Finance

Focussed backstage so we can deliver a strong peformance for our clients both now and in the future. All things finance and corporate strategy.


Chris Field

Chris has a extensive client consulting experience - finance and healthcare specifically. He has had leadership postitions in three consultancies over the last 25 years.  Most recently as an owner/director of Blue Latitude. Together with the founders, growing to over 100 staff and sucessfully selling to the Fishawack group.


What is your favourite book?

William Gibson: Pattern Recognition (although pretty much anything he writes).

What is your favourite Hobby?

I learnt to sail a couple of years ago and love to capsize a dingy.

What is your favourite movie?

Got to be the orginal Star Wars, it had such as big impact on my imagnination as a kid.

What or who is your favourite song or artist?

Boney M: Mary's Boy Child (don't judge me)