Ata Mehmet

Ata Mehmet

Head of Customer Value


Ata Mehmet

Bridging from business to data & technology Ata is the ultimate 'translator', a  rare and valued asset for Loop Horizon clients as they navigate marketing transformation. Ata's deep experience across campaign strategy, advanced analytics, experimentation and CRM capability development makes him a prized member of the team.


What is your favourite book?

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

What is your favourite Hobby?

Football, despite being really (really!) terrible at it

What is your favourite movie?

"I’d love to give you a high brow answer here but I’d be lying – Gladiator all day long 😊 "

What or who is your favourite song or artist?

I couldn’t really say for sure – but have dusted off and been listening to a lot of old Wu Tang Clan stuff lately!