Andy Budkiewicz

Andy Budkiewicz

Senior Consultant & Project Manager


Andy Budkiewicz

Andy possesses a blend of rich interpersonal skills crossed with deep technical experience delivering cloud-based Health and Life Science related SaaS products. He has the advantage of having worked with all the top global Pharma, OTC, and Medical Devices brands during his career. He leads complex projects with a customer-focused mindset and is highly empathetic to client stakeholders.


What is your favourite book?

Having a 3 year old son, my reading of books is mainly centred around his reading list, so by that criteria ‘The 3 little pigs’ I am a consumer of audiobooks, currently listening to Jaws by Peter Benchley

What is your favourite Hobby?

Doing things from scratch appeal to me, whether growing fruit and veg or making bread, More recently, I have started bee keeping and have 1 hive with about 15,000 residents! 

What is your favourite movie?

Whale Rider – A foreign film about a Maori tribe in New Zealand where only males are allowed to ascend to chiefdom, however the arrival of a female heir challenges the status quo. My summation does not do the film justice.

What or who is your favourite song or artist?

"My music taste is very eclectic, but I do have a love of English folk music. A group called ‘Show of Hands’ wrote this beautiful song about Cornish miners that were forced to find work in mines in other counties to make a living. They would travel great distances and were known as cousin Jacks. "