At Loop Horizon, we talk about drawing a direct line between customer intelligence and customer experience – e.g. when the barman at my local asks: “The usual?”

It sounds simple, but the way his brain captures and processes my beer preference is immensely complex (let alone retains it, and makes decisions / takes action based on it).

Luckily for us it’s much simpler to capture and process customer intelligence from digital platforms. One of the best tools to do this consistently and accurately is a data layer.

I talk about data layers more than your average person, so I thought I’d best get some ideas pinned down and shared. Here goes.

What makes you different and why I should choose you over your competitor? Brand Personality is the way your brand engages to the world. What are some keywords that describe your personality? These elements help define your brand. They should be considered when you move into designing your logo as your logo should represent who you are and what you stand for.

Don’t settle for just a logo. Realize the true potential of what your brand can and will accomplish.

Your logo isn’t your brand. It is the foundation that your branding is built around. Think of it as building a house. Do you decorate your house and make it ascetically pretty before you even have it built? I sure hope not. After you have the blueprints, which are those elements I talked about earlier, the next thing is to build the foundation, your logo.What your logo means is more important then what it looks like and it should identify not explain in its simplest form.