Capability Build & Enable​

Use case activation

  • Support team capability build to realise use case​

  • Structure required workflows and processes to activate use case at scale​

  • Advise on how to productionise use case and roll out to other opportunities ​

  • Structure and support development of automated workflows

Analytics & optimisation

  • Establish monitoring process to measure outcome​

  • Create optimisation capabilities to rapidly improve activities​

  • Support development of trusted, accessible and high-standard analytics on performance 

Operating model change

  • Embrace new ways of working​

  • Guide team design to realise maximum value​

  • Advise on cross functional teams or centralised resources to support with opportunities

People development

  • Upskill and train to deliver in line with new strategy and technologies​

  • Shift organization’s mindset to embrace customer-centric marketing focus on personalised outreach over high-volume​

  • Coach leadership and technical specialists​

  • Empower organisation to self-manage and be proactive on new opportunities

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