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The leading cloud native solution for enabling companies to use their customer data to enhance media and marketing


Customer data for media, done.

AUDIENCES by Loop Horizon is the leading solution in enabling companies to use their customer data to enhance media performance

Your customer data is a unique competitive advantage when it comes to advertising – enabling you to drive reach, sales, and efficiency:

  • Only you know if someone is already a customer, if they are coming up for renewal, or have a high likelihood to buy another product

  • And knowing who your best customers are empowers you in finding new customers who look & act just like them

Delivering on this competitive advantage hasn’t been easy. Which is why we developed AUDIENCES by Loop Horizon.

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Cloud Native - Feel the difference

AUDIENCES is deployed wholly within your enterprise's data environment: we work with all major cloud providers as well as other hybrid and on premise configurations.

This unique cloud native approach unlocks benefits across performance, management, security, privacy & speed to value.

AUDIENCES comprises 3 components

Increasing transparency, security and privacy for your company and your customer data


Dedicated for Marketing

Curated selection of your data, managed separately for Marketing use only within your cloud data environment

Standardised design, enabling use of all your data

Templated approach to enable fast start, with flexibility to grow in sophistication over time, accommodating production feeds of direct signals or derived scores at an individual customer level from across your entire data environment.


Intelligence aligned​

Utilise your customer intelligence from business-driven insight through to output from your most sophisticated AI models


Transparent data model

Built in Conceptual Data Model to ensure consistency and transparency from data source to campaign activation


Consent & Identity

Centralised copy of up-to-date consent and contact fields ensuring Compliance by design


Intuitive UI

Easily combine available data fields to design, launch and track performance of your customer-based audiences

Rapid activation

Publish new audiences and upload live across your Advertising platforms in minutes

Unlimited audiences, simply managed

No limitations, Marketing authored, Technology managed

Privacy by design

Fully automated process to hash and remove PII data, making GDPR and Advertising platform compatible

​AUDIENCES: Connector

Secure by design

Contained entirely in your platforms, AUDIENCES inherits your security standards and customer data never leaves your data environment. Functionally separated, only the hashed, obfuscated audience lists can be shared to whitelisted endpoints and never containing any identifying data points


Extensive APIs

API integrations with all key Advertising platforms are constantly updated and enhanced


Always on

Continuously updates your audiences as your customer data changes


Control & transparency

From data field to uploaded audience with comprehensive logging, alerts and dashboards so keeping all your teams fully informed

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