1st party data

Leveraging customer intelligence to drive performance

As experienced practitioners we have seen first-hand both the challenges and rewards associated with leveraging 1st party data, data created by your customers & prospects, and have been supporting major brands in accessing the benefits. Loop Horizon works alongside existing client teams, technologies and data to unlock valuable use cases which drive enduring revenue growth and operational efficiencies.

Strategies & use cases which make the difference

Omnichannel intelligence

Integrating on & offline customer data

Audiences for paid media

On-boarding data for targeting & exclusion

Personalisation & loyalty

Orchestrate experience to drive outcomes

Service efficiency

Deflect & migrate customer needs to digital

Features of our approach often include:

Actionable customer profiles

  • Ingest digital analytics into your data platform  

  • Curate disparate data sets into your data platform 

  • Unify customer profiles via ID & device graphing 

  • Automate data flows and processing 

Customer level decisioning

  • Next-best-action, up & cross-sell, service, engagement & retention 

  • Enhanced propensity modelling & data science activities 

  • AI, ML & business rules-based routines 

  • Channel orchestration and media bid strategies 

  • Pricing and offer control 

Audience on-boarding

  • Fuel advertising & marketing technology with customer data 

  • Audience management for targeting, consent & measurement  

  • Creation of omnichannel data sets to enable attribution and performance optimisation 

Related data & technologies:

  • Data platforms – Cloud & on-premise 

  • Advertising technologies 

  • Marketing technologies 

  • Digital Analytics 

  • Existing data sets 

The primacy of 1st party data for enabling breakout marketing & communications remains the most significant untapped opportunity for customer orientated businesses. This is ever more important in an environment dominated by walled-gardens and increasingly conscious of consumer privacy. 

Beyond CRM / direct channels, businesses are fundamentally leveraging low to no customer data in their communications, leaving owned and paid channels starved of the intelligence necessary to enable meaningful interactions. Further, 1st party data opportunities are biased toward companies with established customer bases, enabling the inclusion and suppression of messaging which drives results.  

In the mixed-up eco-system of marketing & advertising technology, cloud data platforms and legacy technologies it is use cases which leverage 1st party data which truly cut through.

Rob McLaughlin

Co-Founder, Loop Horizon

Questions we often hear

  • ​How come so little paid media is executed with the use of customer data? 

  • Despite huge investments in data & technology, why do marketers struggle to leverage customer data? 

  • How can we unify CRM and behavioural customer data? 

  • How can I leverage digital analytics in my wider modelling and data science activities? 

  • Why is ‘CRM’ synonymous with email marketing?  

  • How can we deliver product recommendations or next-best-action capabilities? 

  • How can I orchestrate communications across multiple channels? 

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